I truly had (as always) a wonderful time in Switzerland and really did not have to worry about gluten.  While always a concern I simple asked the right questions when dining out and was fine the entire trip.  Fortunately, languages are kind of my thing and I am fluent in quite a few so I can effectively communicate my multiple food allergies.  Even if you cannot speak the local tongue, simply do a bit of research prior to your departure and even print out some allergy-related phrases to take with you.  You can always whip them out and show them to your server or the manager when you are dining abroad. 

I was amazed at how many wonderful and rich sauces were in fact gluten-free.  When I lived in Europe for several extended periods I was not diagnosed Celiac so each subsequent visits are always still a learning experience.

On this trip I had fabulous sauces, creamy sauces, that were gluten-free and you would never know otherwise.  It just goes to show that if you keep food simple, it can taste wonderfully rich and not necessarily need a gluten-based thickener to make it rich.  I had everything from decadent gratin potatoes to Rösti to Züricher-style veal to fondue to sinfully rich desserts.

Thank goodness walking more than normal was always on the agenda ad otherwise I would likely have put on a ridiculous amount of weight J.

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