I am back in the City after a quick trip to North Carolina for the Memorial Day weekend.  I have to say that a bit of research prior to the trip yielded some wonderfully delicious gluten-free options that actually catered to Celiacs.  In an area that is cluttered with every conceivable chain food option (some of which do indeed have GF menus or processes) I was happy to find real restaurants that had either gluten-free options or were able to adapt and ensure that my food allergies would not be a problem.  Yes, I may have had to travel an hour in either direction, but it was well worth it to experience delicious dining options and not have any allergy issues.

In the coming days I will be bringing you some reviews from the trip that hopefully will be of use should you find yourself in the local area.  If nothing else it will just help to reinforce my mantra that you can be gluten-free anywhere you go.  Sure it might take a bit of additional work or you might not have as many options, but you can live a full (and fabulous) gluten-free life anywhere and anytime.

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