Gluten Free and Luxury Now Officially Synonymous, Told You So.

I am absolutely tickled to have been featured on’s Travel section yesterday in Jane L. Levere’s article Luxury Hotel Chain Caters to Guests With Special Diets.  I truly believe that what Fairmont is doing with the launch of its Lifestyle Cuisine Plus program is at the forefront of meeting the needs of luxury travelers with dietary restrictions – in my case Celiac disease.

Many of you know that my mantra is Living Well, Gluten-Free, No Apologies.   At its core is my unwavering self-commitment to go where I want, when I want, and not to let my food allergies define or limit who I am.  Can the initial Celiac diagnosis be daunting – absolutely – but Fairmont helps us to realize that major companies are listening and recognizing the need to better accommodate food restricted guests.

I have long been a fan of Fairmont and Raffles hotels and I am absolutely over the moon that my next stay with them will be made easier because should I choose to dine in one of the hotel’s restaurants, I know I will be greeted with a menu featuring local ingredients that has been specially put together for guests like me.  I will of course report back with my firsthand experience in sampling the Lifestyle Cuisine Plus menu.

Thanks to Fairmont, gluten-free and luxury are now officially synonymous.

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