Today’s product review is for something I have longed for since going gluten free – soft, moist, oatmeal cookies.  I tend to stumble across new offerings each time I hit a grocery store which is certainly a good thing and shows that we Celiacs are in fact mainstreaming, woo-hoo!  However, I am also finding that these products seems to disappear once they are out of stock, sometimes never returning.  So what’s a fabulous Celiac to do?  Speak up – ask the manager of the store to carry specific gluten free items or simply order directly from the source.  Most companies now feature online stores where you can order direct from the manufacturer.  Also, in the case of Glenny’s, you can put items on auto-ship which makes life so much easier.

But I digress…back to the cookies.  I was a bit hesitant to try these because I have tried “moist” or “soft” gluten free cookies before and, well, let’s just say the companies were using artistic license.  Glenny’s get’s it right though.  These cookies were just like I remembered, good oaty consistency, good amount of raisins, and…wait for it…the were as soft as fresh baked!  De-lish!  I highly recommend giving these a try if you have an oatmeal fetish.  Oh, and they also have an equally as good chocolate variety as well if raisins are not you thing.

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