11 June 2017


 June 11, 2017
Glaze Teriyaki New York City Gluten-Free

One of my go-to lunch spots, particularly for delivery, is Glaze Teriyaki.  Asian cuisine can be tricky for celiacs because of the sauces — many soy sauces, despite their name, contain wheat.  Glaze on the other hand offers a gluten-free teriyaki sauce along with a range of other gluten-free items.

Glaze describes itself as Seattle-style teriyaki which is a mix of Korean- and Japanese-style teriyakis.  Now, I am not an authority on teriyaki but I can tell you that the combination of flavor influences most definitely works.

I am a creature of habit when it comes to what I order — typically the grilled steak teriyaki plate over white rice (gluten-free sauce on the sides) and a side of mixed greens with the gluten-free honey lemon salad dressing.  The meat is always wonderfully tender and cooked perfectly medium (you can specify your temperature preference) not to mention full of char-grilled flavor before you even add the sauce.  I also typically get a side order of their cucumber salad which is truly among the best I have ever had.  The dressing is the perfect balance or sweet and sour with an acidic kick that is elevated by just a hint of spicy heat.  It is something that is not to be missed.  The grilled chicken plate is also really good and a nice option when you are looking for something a little lighter than beef — but there are a range of options to satisfy any taste — from tofu to salmon.

Glaze has several locations in the City as well as Chicago, San Francisco and Madison (Wisconsin).  Depending on you location you can also find them on Seamless (my lunchtime ordering companion).  You can learn more about Glaze on their website where you can also checkout their full gluten-free menu.

Glaze Teriyaki New York City Gluten-Free


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