Okay, it takes a lot to piss of Gluten Free Mike.  I mean I am a pretty easy going guy.  However, the other morning I went to a different Starbucks than my norm and noticed no Gluten Free Valencia Orange Cake in the display case.  Did not really think much of it at the time as I just thought they were out.  After all they are delicious.  Well, apparently that is NOT the case and the news broke on Twitter yesterday that Starbucks is essentially discontinuing the cakes and tweeted We heard that it was too much of a treat, and not a nutritious snack. The @KindSnacks bar is replacing it.”

Are you freaking kidding me Starbucks?  Not a nutritious snack?  Have you looked into your display cases as of late?  I sure did this morning and perhaps the small scone at over 400 calories or perhaps a single cookie weighing about the same.  Wash it down with a 500 calorie Venti Caramel Frappuccino perhaps?  Don’t hide behind nutrition Starbucks when you in the indulgence business.

Oh, and for the record one Sesame and Peanut with Chocolate Kind Bar has 225 calories, 131 of which are from fat with 14.6 grams of sugar – yeah, that’s a healthy option.  This is not an attack on Kind Bars in any way.  I am just stating the facts the way Starbuck positioned them.  Frankly I can get a Kind bar at any deli here in the city so big freaking whoop that they are on the counter in Starbucks.

Okay, my rant is over but GFM is pissed that he finally had a real GF option (albeit an indulgence) that he could snack on with his coffee like all the “normal” people do.  If I want to shove a cake into my gob it is my call – I am a big boy and can make my own nutritional decision, thank you very much.

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