Not too long ago, I hinted that some exciting changes were coming to the site and decided that this week would be a good time to announce a new section that will soon be debuting in the Dining Out section.  Now, I have always been a fan of seeking out gluten free or at least friendly restaurants but let’s face it, it is not always practical.  Particularly when you are trying to live a fabulous lifestyle.

Now I will still continue to review gluten free or friendly restaurants but the new section, which will affectionately be known as Quintessentially New York Gluten Free or QNYGF will widen the landscape.  I love food and I love New York so I will be dining at some of the most iconic and legendary restaurants here in the city.  I have developed set criteria that will be evaluated to help quantify my dining experience as a Celiac and will be dining with a non-Celiac at each occasion.  My hope is to give readers, not only a view into some of the greatest restaurants around but the added perspective of a Celiac living in a gluten filled world.  More importantly my hope is to help educate to show my fellow Celiacs that we can co-exist and, in fact, live quite fabulously in a non-celiac world.

Oh, and yes, the Quintessentially program will of course be expanded as my travels take me around the globe — but as Dorothy said best, There is no place like home — and what better place than my hometown to kick it all off.

So I hope you will come along on what promises to be a delicious journey and stay tuned as the premiere restaurant will be one of my true favorites and is a real New York institution.

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