24 February 2018


 February 24, 2018
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I absolutely adore perusing the food section of Marks & Spencer when I am visiting friends and family in Bermuda. Granted, this is a smaller version of what you would typically find at a larger M&S, but it still offers a selection of gluten-free items from its Made Without Wheat line. It is often hit or miss as to what is available since everything is shipped-in, but there is always at least a handful of gluten-free items available — though one of my absolute favorite products, the GF Victoria Sponge has been absent for many months. So what was available when I was there a couple of months ago? Well, I am glad you asked.

M&S Made Without Wheat

Belgian Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies
These cookies have long been a favorite of mine. I mean how can you go wrong with a rich chocolate cookie base that is chock-full of milk, dark, and white chocolate chunks? The chocolate trifecta. These are perfectly crisp with a nice crunch to them. They are also not overly sweet and have just the right proportion of chocolate chunks to cookie base.

Cheese Crackers
The crackers are super thin but large in size so are great for dipping. They have a mild cheese flavor to them and are not overly salty making them truly versatile as you can pair them with a range of toppings.

Cheese Puffs
These are my downfall as they are probably the one GF product that is always in stock. Think air-filled little triangular pockets of cheese perfection. These have a more robust cheese flavor than the crakers and because they are so light, the back seems to always disappear in a maximum of two snack sessions — funny how that works.

M&S The Collection
The M&S Collection of crisps was a new find for me and as soon as I saw the alcohol-infused varieties were suitable for celiacs, I had to give them a try.

Bloody Mary Hand Cooked Red Crisps
I actually do not like Bloody Marys — I just can’t do tomato (or any vegetable) juice. That being said, I thought that since these would just have tomato flavor that they could work. They were surprising good. Rich Burgundy British potatoes that were seasoned with Worcestershire sauce, tomato and the all important vodka (yes, vodka) made these and absolute treat. They were flavorful but not too salty. The spicy notes of the Worcestershire sauce and acidic kick of the tomato flavored were balanced out by the earthiness of the potatoes and neutral vodka.

Winter Berries & Prosecco Hand Cooked Crisps
I’m not a huge Prosecco person but when I saw these crisps were decorated with tiny gold stars and had a hint of winter berry flavor, I thought they would be perfect to bring to my in-laws for a cocktail nibble on Christmas. These had a interesting flavor — I wouldn’t say they tasted exactly like prosecco but they did have that slightly acidic bite and paired with the subtle sweetness of the berry flavor these worked well with a couple of cocktails. The addition of the tiny edible gold stars made these a fun festive novelty for the holidays.



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