It is now only 8 days and counting until I kick off my Quintessentially New York Gluten Free (QNYGF) series.  I am so excited about this one and the first restaurant in the series will not disappoint.  Remember, the goal of this series is to demonstrate and educate that you can in fact live a full, rich, and most importantly delicious gluten free life in a world full of gluten.  While gluten free restaurants or menus are welcome I am bucking convention and going to show you how to make smart choices and ask the right questions at any restaurant.  I will be evaluating the wait and kitchen staffs’ receptivity and helpfulness in recognizing not only my gluten allergy but my shellfish allergy as well.  Each local will be ranked according to a proprietary scale that will quantify just how gluten friendly they were.

I do hope that you will come along for the journey and the window into what are probably some of the greatest restaurants in the city.  Don’t forget GFM is always popping around the globe so look for the QGFNY series to expand to other major cities and wherever my travels might take me.  Already in the works is QDXBGF (Quintessentially Dubai Gluten Free).

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