Galbusera Zero Grano Plus con Gocce di Puro Cioccolato

Another Italian gluten-free find from my excursion to Arthur Avenue here in New York City was these Galbusera Zero Grano Plus con Gocce di Puro Cioccolato cookies.  These come in six portion controlled individual bags which makes indulging a little less guilt-ridden.

The first thing you will notice about these cookies is that they have a very subtle sweetness that allows the rich deep chocolate notes to really come through.  Throw in delectable tiny chocolate morsels and any chocolate lover will be one happy camper.  But wait, that’s not all.  You see if these were just chocolate on their own they would still be a homerun.  However, you will also notice a very subtle hint of hazelnut and honey that play absolutely perfectly off of the chocolate.

I have been seeing the Galbusera brand popping up in more and more specialty markets so be sure to look for them next time your are at your local market.  Additionally, there are several online retailers that import them here in the Unites States and will ship them right to your door.  Check out Shop Italy Online which has a range of Galbusera products available for shipping.

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