A Facebook friend was in N.Y.C. and we decided to meet up for cocktails where she presented me with a fantastic range of Italian gluten-free products that we so very appreciated. One of the items was from Galbusera and their Zero Grano corn and rice crackers.

These crackers were probably the best and closest thing I have had to “real” crackers in years. There texture is absolutely perfect with just the right amount of firmness to withstand robust toppings. The rich almost buttery taste was complimented by a wonderfully earthy hint of rosemary. These savory treats worked well with strong ripened cheeses just as well as they did with mild dips. I am working on sourcing these in the United States because they truly were an absolute favorite of mine.

Check out the company’s Web site (in Italian) to learn more. If you do not speak Italian try using Google translate to get a rough idea.

One response on “Galbusera Zero Grano Crackers

  1. Kristi DeTorres says:

    I had these for the first time tonight – they were AMAZING. I can not say enough good things about them.

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