Galbusera Frollini al Cacao con Crema Vaniglia Cookies

A recent visit to the Little Italy of the Bronx known as Arthur Avenue yielded a host of delicious gluten-free products from Italy.  I was familiar with the Galbusera brand thanks to an Italian friend who introduced me to the brand years ago.  Ever since then I am always excited when I come across the brand here in the United States.

These cookies are chocolate sandwich cookies filled with a sweet vanilla cream.  The cookies themselves are mildly sweet with a rich cocoa undertone.  There delicate subtle sweetness allows for the rich vanilla cream to be the real standout.  The vanilla cream perfectly complements the cocoa flavor of the cookies.  If you are thinking Oreos, think again.  These are far smaller and more sophisticated cookies but they are still filling so three or four and you are good to go without having to feel guilty about indulging your sweet tooth.

As for where to purchase these in the United States, definitely check out your local Italian market if you have one.  If not, simply pop online where several stores such as Shop Italy Online carry a range of products (gluten-free and otherwise) imported directly from Italy and shipped to your front door.

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