22 April 2017


 April 22, 2017
Friedman's Restaurants New York City Gluten-Free

Friedman’s has been a New York City staple since 2009 and synonymous with gluten-free as a pioneer in providing gluten-free guests not only with delicious food options but a truly safe experience.  It was always one of those places that I had been meaning to visit and as they expanded throughout the City it became much easier to indulge more regularly.  One of their locations is even on Seamless (the only way I order lunch at the office) making it super-easy to have some of their iconic dishes delivered right to my office.  Alas, I ended-up moving offices outside of their delivery zone (though I do believe the zone changed moving further south) but can still easily pop-in when I need my fix at one of their four locations.

Friedman’s offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner menus all of which have a very good selection of gluten-free items.  My favorite lunch item is their gluten-free buttermilk fried chicken sandwich with kale slaw and herbed fries.  It comes with the most delicious tabasco-infused honey that can be used as a dipping sauce for the fries (which I enjoy) or as a topping for the chicken – adding the perfect amount of sweetness with a subtle spicy kick.  The chicken is perfectly seasoned and wonderfully crisp without being overpowering and always cooked to juicy perfection.  The kale slaw (layered onto the bun) makes for a nice change from traditional coleslaw offering a unique earthy flavor that is a real standout.  Of course, no sandwich is complete without fries and the herb fries provide a flavorful twist on the classic side.

Another go-to lunch item of mine is the grilled pastrami Rueben.  Thinly sliced pastrami is paired with a wonderfully fragrant and flavorful Gruyere cheese that is elevated by a subtly sour sauerkraut and rounded out with a mild Russian dressing.


You can view all of Friedman’s menus on their website and also see if you are in their delivery range.

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