Who doesn’t enjoy a good chip I ask?  Yet, flavorings can be a Celiac’s worst nightmare oftentimes containing gluten in one form or another.  Plain chips are always a good standby and through the years I have identified flavored chips that are safe

When I was placing my routine Fresh Direct order the other day I was looking for something savory but outside of the norm,  I was surprised to see the Food Should Taste Good brand available so ordered a couple of bags.  Now, I have had these Olive chips before and really enjoyed them and to see the readily available was terrific.

These chips are really very good by themselves with a strong but not overpowering olive taste.  The texture is very similar to a corn tortilla chip.  The olive blend includes black, Kalamata, and green which really play well off of each other.  I love the fact that the ingredients are few, simple, and easily recognizable.  The product also carries the Certified Gluten-Free seal right on front making them easily identifiable as a GF option.

These chips are quite substantial and handle cheese, dips, and spreads very well.  If you like olives try them with a great olive hummus for a real treat or try them with some smoked gouda melted under the broiler for a few minutes and serve with some fresh salsa on the side for a new spin on nachos.

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