As many of you know, GFM loves to travel the globe exploring new and exciting places.  One of my tried and true tips when flying is to always bring a gluten free snack pack along for the ride.  Now short flights are really no big deal but I have been on 14+ hour non-stops where even a small supermarket would not suffice.  What I have found is that most airlines (on intercontinental routes) offer gluten free meal options.  Now, I know, particularly with American carriers there is always the question of will the special meal actually be loaded on board but I have found, in my personal experience, that each time I have made the request on a foreign carrier I have never been overlooked.

Waxing nostalgic I can remember a very nice gluten free meal on board the now defunct business class airline MaxJet complete with gluten free rolls (very unexpected).  I have also have wonderful meals on Emirates, Lufthansa, Austrian, British Airways, etc. that even included gluten free snacks along the way.  Given my shellfish allergy gluten free does not always mean shellfish free.  When I alert the crew to my shellfish allergy and for some reason it is included in the gluten free mix, they have always been most helpful in sourcing whatever they could to keep me satiated.  As with all professions I have had flight crew that loved their jobs and others who clearly did not.  Yet, if you approach them nicely and explain your situation calmly and not in a DYKWIA tone even the toughest of tough will try and help.  Remember resources in a metal tube are limited so don’t expect the world.

A gluten free snack pack in your carry on in not only useful during the flight, but also if there are any delays on the ground.  I have been in airports where there was quite literally nothing I could eat from their concessions.  Also, remember to re-stock your pack once you arrive at your destination for the return flight.

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