While walking through my local market I spotted these Flamous Brands Falafel chips out of the corner of my eye and immediately headed over to investigate further.  First off, the packaging is really quite cool and grabs your attention but I had to wonder was this product inside going to measure up?  Well, the short answer is a resounding YES!

I purchased both the Regular and Spicy varieties and could not wait to get home to give them a test run.  First up was the regular variety.  Now, I have had other chips that claim to taste like a familiar food or flavor and more often than not they fall short on delivering – not the case with these.  You see, these actually taste like an honest to goodness falafel in chip form – seriously.

The chips are rather large so make the perfect vessel for dipping but I just kept munching on these straight from the bag sans anything.  They have a remarkable robust flavor that is wonderfully nutty from the beans (chickpea, fava, and black beans) with hints of exotic spices that really take these chips to the next level.  They are perfectly crunchy and have a texture that is reminiscent of a falafel with a terrific graininess that envelops your palate making you think Hmmmm, am I eating a falafel?

Now the plain packed a flavor punch but the Spicy variety really delivers in the heat department.  Again, these are the same base as the regular variety but take the heat-level up quite a few notches.  If you like spicy – these are definitely for you.  Once again the balance of flavors is perfect and while full of spice, you’ll notice that it does not overpower but rather complements the falafel flavor.  At first bite the chip yields a spicy kick but you’ll quickly notices that it does not linger too long as you continue eating.  You will not be running for a glass of water or anything but they definitely have a nice kick.

These bags did not stand a chance and I quickly found myself with empty bags.  Not only are these chips gluten-free but they are also: USDA Certified Organic; Non-GMO; Vegan; Kosher; Trans Fat-, Cholesterol, Coloring-, Dairy-, Nut-, Wheat-, and MSG-Free.

To learn more about Flamous Brands, check-out their Web site for a full listing of their products and follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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  1. Roy says:

    I agree those chips are great ,but most people may be scared of the price.I just ate some with a dip I made from coconut butter ,turmeric , curry powder ,cumin,coriander and cayenne paper.

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