8 June 2012


 June 8, 2012

Today I met my other half and a colleague for a rare lunch out over on the Westside at Five Napkin Burger so it was a bit of a trek.  However, I was reassured constantly that this place was THE place to go for NYC’s latest, greatest burger.  Well, let’s just say that I was less than impressed.

For the GF-conscious diner, they offer what looks like a fantastic option, the Inside Out Burger which is essentially two pieces of lettuce as the bun.  Now I have had burgers before that came wrapped in lettuce (a la In-and-Out Burgers protein style) but this was a poor excuse with the patty wedges between two limp pieces of lettuce that one really could not pick up.  Fine I thought, I don’t really like to touch my food so I’ll just fork and knife it.  I ordered my burger well done as I do like my meat with it’s life cooked out of it but one side was completely burnt and I am still tasting the char and hour after eating there.  One other person at our table ordered the same as me but medium-well and her’s was burnt as well just not to the same degree.  I mean come on, Burger is in the name of the restaurant and one would assume that would entail the knowledge to cook as ordered.  In full disclosure, my partner ordered a medium rare burger that was cooked nearly to order so 1 good out of 2 bad.

I replaced my fries with a side salad that was tasteless and mediocre at best.  It looked nice but that was about it.  Service was pretty poor though our server did not ask if we would like anything to drink other than water and was not all that attentive.  The restaurant was packed for lunch but the booths are so small and frankly extremely uncomfortable.

Alas, my trek to the West was a disappointment and I need not make the pilgrimage again.  Though the company was delightful and I got to lunch with my partner, which is a rarity given our busy schedules and working on opposite sides of the City.

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