Finding GF in the Seemingly Most Innocent and Unlikely of Places

GFM has been über busy with his day job and busy getting things in order for his upcoming vacation that he has been neglecting his blog duties.  First, my apologies, but hopefully you are following me on Twitter and/or Facebook (if not just click on the buttons to the left of this post) where I make real-time updates when I take a quick break.  If you are not friends with or following me please do as I am always up to something.

I always talk about finding gluten-free options when you least expect them and that is exactly what happened the other day.  It was time to bring the car in for ye olde annual state inspection and its 3,000 mile service.  Thankfully our dealer is fabulous and offers Sunday service appointments making life so much easier.  Being city-folk we really only drive on the weekends so the car sits in the garage 5 out of 7 days…but I digress.  Our dealer happens to be adjacent to a mall, albeit a very chichi and overly pretentious one that aside from two high-end anchor stores, really has nothing overly exceptional (or practical) – but they do have a rather decent food area though gluten-free options tend to be slim.  We had walked to another mall on this occasion as the weather was lovely and when our car was still not ready decided to pop-into the aforementioned mall.

I needed a little nosh so was looking, and looking, and…well, you get the idea.  It was an unseasonably warm day and I had a hankering for frozen yogurt.  Now I am a Pinkberry addict and am very particular about my FroYo.  This new brand, Yogorino/Baby Yogurt rang a bell because I had seen them in Dubai and they are in Europe as well haling from Italy.  I could not decide whether it would be safe and frantically tried Google on my BlackBerry.  Nothing but reviews as to how good the yogurt was.  Argh.  When suddenly I see a rather large sign (that clearly escaped me initially) telling passersby to ask the manager if you have food allergies.  Well, I walked to the counter and the two girls behind it did not know what gluten was but the manager quickly arrived and without missing a beat told me it was in fact gluten-free.  Hurrah!  When I asked one of the girls what flavors the listed plain, chocolate, and coffee.  The manager quickly chimed in “no” to the chocolate as it did have gluten…interesting.  I opted for a plain with fresh raspberries and it was really very good.

So, sometimes when we are not really looking for new products they happen to thrust themselves upon us.  You can check out the company’s web site though the U.S. site is not yet up and running.

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