I have to apologize for the little break I took from my blog.  GFM has been swamped between work and travel but these activities have become fodder for some new postings.

I recently was in North Carolina for the Christening of my two (absolutely adorable) identical twin nieces.  Not having children of my own yet (the operative word being yet) I like to live vicariously through my brother’s children – the two twin girls and a 4 year-old nephew who is equally as cute.  There is just something magical about hearing “Hi Uncle Mike” that makes me so proud to be an uncle.  Also, because they are not my own children, I can spoil them as much as I like which is what uncles are for, right?

Anyway, the North Carolina coast seems to be scattered with every conceivable chain restaurant that is currently in existence.  Yes, there is the occasional independent-type restaurant but they tend to be few and far between – or, given the proximity to the ocean specialize in seafood, which for me is a no-go given my severe allergy to all things from the sea.  I am, needless to say, glad to be back in the land where chains are the exception rather than the rule.

Also of note while I was away…

Yours truly was featured on Fab Grandma’s blog which is a really good gluten-free read.  I was honored to be the first in her series Gluten-Free and Loving It.  You can read all about my Celiac experience or just peruse some of her recipes, reviews, and musings.  She leads a really interesting life as a full-time RV’er that offers some great travel insights as well.  Definitely head over to www.fabgranma.com and check it out.

So, I am jumping headfirst back into my site and have some really interesting product reviews in the pipeline.  Dorothy definitely had the right idea as there is no place like home.

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