Fair is fair and to be fair I can now say that Fairmont Hotels (both corporate in Canada) and Le Montreux Palace have 100% redeemed themselves in my eyes.  Some of you may remember my recent incident where a wayward metal staple made it onto my plate and was served to me.  Well, the hotel promised a full investigation to find out where the staple came from to prevent it from happening again upon my departure and with some gentle prodding of Fairmont corporate (who actually did reach out to me) I received my explanation yesterday from the Director of Operations at the hotel.

Apparently the wayward staple can from a delivery to the kitchen from one of their suppliers who uses that type of staple and who will now not be using staples of any sort on future deliveries.  Somehow one must have gotten loose and along the way hitched a ride on my plate.  To the restaurant’s credit they have also briefed the entire restaurant staff of the incident and will be paying even close attention to the plating of food.

I could not be more pleased for future diners, that the restaurant was able to track down the origin of the object and followed through with their promised due diligence.  Did I think it would actually come to fruition – well yes and no.  I liked to believe it would but did not fully understand the degree to which the restaurant took the incident nor did I think finding the proverbial needle in a haystack would even warrant such a detailed search.  I was clearly wrong and to both Fairmont’s and Le Montreux Palace’s credit they delivered on their word to get to the bottom of this and for that I am truly thankful.

So, while I may have been a bit direct in my post describing the incident I want to be even more direct in giving Fairmont credit where credit is due and thank them for taking the incident seriously AND more importantly finding a way to prevent this from happening to another guest in the future.  Well done Fairmont and Le Montreux Palace.  And for those skeptics out there who think that people are just out to get something take note, all I ever wanted was an explanation and that is exactly what I got – nothing more, nothing less.  So yes Virginia, customer service does still exist.

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