18 June 2013


 June 18, 2013

Triple Layer CakeI have been a fan of Euforia Confections since I first tasted their Thousand Layer cake a year or so ago.  Naturally, when they contacted me to see if I would like to try their latest a few months ago, I jumped at the opportunity.  Enter the Triple Delight cake.

First, I love the fact that owner/baker Kartika Castonguay is baking cakes that she used to make with her mother back in Indonesia.  Family recipes that are passed-down from generation to generation are so full of tradition and it definitely comes through in the end product.

This cake is, if you’ll pardon the pun, a triple threat of flavors – alternating thick layers of moist vanilla and chocolate cake with caramel butter intertwined between those.  I mean what’s not to love.

The thing that truly sets these cakes apart from the pack is their flavor.  There is a subtle sweetness to the cakes that allows you to really enjoy the individual flavors.  Rich cocoa, nutty vanilla, and the wonderfully earthy caramel.

You can order Eurforia’s products right on their Web site or from a range of online retailers.  These cakes not only taste and look amazing – they are beautifully packaged and make a statement when they arrive.  They are truly luxurious confections that make dessert a special occasion.

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