My friends at El’s Kitchen sent me samples of their new Medleys flavors of Cheddar and Sour Cream and Onion.   Now I have long been a fan of El’s Bagel Chips and Medleys since I first reviewed those products a while back.  I was really excited to give their new flavors a try.

Now for those of you that are not familiar with El’s Medleys, they are a crunchy gluten-free snack mix that includes a fantastic mix of flaxseed corn chips, pretzels, potato chips, corn nuts, and bagel chips.  I really liked their Original flavor which was quite unique and their new flavors did not disappoint.

First up was the Sour Cream & Onion variety.  This was a wonderfully tangy flavor combination that paired the tart sour cream with a hint of spiciness from the onion powder.  This flavor really complimented the snack mix without being overpowering allowing you to really enjoy the complex flavors of the bagel and corn chips.

The Cheddar flavor was equally as delicious and had a great cheddar bite to it.  It too perfectly complimented the actual snack mix base without stealing the show.  The other nice thing about this flavor was that it was not overly salty as is often the case with cheese flavors that I have come across.

The fact that El’s products are all natural helps explain why the flavors taste exactly like they read and by just looking at the ingredients on the package – you can actually recognize all the ingredients listed.  I am all about supporting smaller gluten-free companies that are making products outside of the proverbial box and El’s Kitchen is definitely helping to make the gluten-free landscape even more delicious.  You can learn more about El’s Kitchen on their Web site and check out their complete product portfolio – you can even order right from their site and have their products shipped directly to your front door.


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