30 July 2017


 July 30, 2017
Calbee Whole Cuts Potato Crisps

It is no secret that I love savory snacks and I am continuing my Everyday Luxuries series with a recent find. Chips, puffs, crackers — yes please. Yet, while there are a host of gluten-free snack options out there very few truly wow me. Enter Calbee Whole Cuts — a brand I happened upon completely by chance at my local market. They had recently remodeled and created a section dedicated to more healthful options that also has shelves of snacks where I was able to find Whole Cuts.

At first I was apprehensive since the brand was unknown to me and it was a bit difficult to wrap my head around what was actually in the bag. Was I getting an air-puffed fry-like snack? Actually, these are far more impressive and are truly a standout in the snack space. Made from Russet potatoes, these are truly unique — and while light and airy — are actually truly like hand-cut fries. Perfectly crisp and actually taste like a lighter version of the the classic french fry.

I was able to find their sea salt and salt & vinegar flavors — the bacon cheddar remain elusive but are definitely on my radar for must-tries. The sea salt are for snack purists containing three simple ingredients: Russet potatoes, sunflower and/or canola oil and sea salt. Simple, wholesome and absolutely full of flavor. There is the perfect amount of saltiness that elevates the rich, earthiness of the potatoes which remain the focal point. The salt and vinegar are my personal favorite because it is sometimes challenging to find gluten-free version of this flavor. This flavor profile is exactly what I remember from my pre-celiac days. A wonderfully acidic vinegar kick is enhanced by the sea salt that pairs perfectly against the deep flavor of the potatoes. My only recommendation is to buy several bags since these are truly addictive.

You can learn more about Whole Cuts on their website where you can also find a location near you that carries them. Calbee also makes a line called Harvest Snaps that utilize a range of bean bases. Stay-tuned for a review of those in a future post.

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