22 July 2017


 July 22, 2017
Applegate Gluten-Free Corn Dogs

Next up in my Everyday Luxuries series is a gluten-free take on an American classic — the corn dog. Many people my age were diagnosed later in life — in my case twenty years or so later — so we ate non-gluten-free for a significant portion of our lives. This of course means that there are certain items that we enjoyed but we not always able to find or replicate their gluten-free versions. Applegate GF corn dogs help to that fill that void.

One such item was the elusive corn dog. Not that it was a regular part of my diet or anything but it is truly one of those items that sparks instant nostalgia. Everything from the smell to the texture to the taste evokes childhood memories and there is something very comforting about that.

Enter the Applegate gluten-free corn dogs which are now available via FreshDirect (who is constantly expanding their gluten-free offerings). When I saw these, I had to give them a try. First-off, these are not you father’s corn dogs. These are grass-fed, uncured beef hot dogs that are enrobed in a rich gluten-free batter that is perfectly crisp on the outside (I prepared mine in the oven on parchment paper) yet still soft on the inside. It has the classic corn dog batter flavor that is wonderfully savory with a very subtle sweetness to them courtesy of a hint of vanilla. The texture is exactly as I had remembered with the familiar corn meal mouthfeel making these indistinguishable from their gluten-filled counterparts. Hey, sometimes you just need a corn dog — so treat yourself.

If you are in the New York City Metropolitan area, be sure to check out FreshDirect since they offer a full-range of fantastic gluten-free items. If you haven’t tried them before, use my referral code and get $50 off your first two orders of $125 or more. Otherwise, check the frozen food section of your local market to see if they carry them.

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