Yes, you read that correctly – honest to goodness gluten-free bagel chips!  I was over the moon when I received an e-mail from El’s Gluten Free Snacks a while back with the promise of a fabulous gluten-free snack mix and bagel chips.  Was I apprehensive?  Absolutely.  I mean, let’s face it; gluten-free bagels are hit-or-miss.  I have had great and I have had, well, not so great.  As a good bagel is the base for a good chip, I had my fingers crossed that El’s would get it right.  Well, not only did El’s get it right, I can safely say that these are the best bagel chips I have come across – gluten-free or otherwise (remember, I had 20 plus years of living a gluten-filled lifestyle before my diagnosis).

So, first up was the bagel chips.  Wow, wow, wow!  I mean, not only were the chips themselves the perfect consistency – read REAL bagel – the flavoring that El’s uses is, in a word, addictive.  It is actually a complex mix of spices but you’ll immediately notice the slight kick of chili paired with a perfect cumin undertone.  A sweet hint of molasses and honey helps round out these perfectly flavored chips.  I could not stop eating these and within minutes – the entire bag was gone.  So, lesson one – order more than one bag.

The Medleys snack mix was a mix of gluten-free corn chips, pretzels, corn nuts, potato chips, and, you guessed it, bagel chips.  I was in gluten-free crunch overload but again, the flavor was out of this world.  This mix had a smoky Worcestershire coating that was slightly sweet, slightly savory and not overly salty.  The flavor was likely one of the most complex I have come across.  On top of the rich Worcestershire flavor notes you’ll find hints citrus that truly make this a standout.

Oh, and for those of you with other dietary restrictions or allergies, El’s are dairy-, egg-, and nut-free.  They are also all natural and non-GMO – nice!

You can learn more about El’s products or place an order on their Web site as well as find out where you can find them near you.

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