Well, I hope that you all enjoyed the first restaurant in my QNYGF series.  I look forward to bring you to many more iconic New York City restaurants to show that eating well gluten free is possible no matter where you end up.  Also, I hope that my rankings of how the restaurants faired will prove useful in your own dining experiences.  I had a really great time bringing you the inaugural restaurant and an even better time eating and drinking to bring you the review.

Now the series will not just be limited to New York with Dubai and some European destinations soon to join their New York counterparts.  The international component should make for some interesting experiences.  Oh, and the locales will not always be five star gourmet restaurants but rather an eclectic mix of places that truly capture what a particular city is all about.  The only caveat is that Gluten Free Mike does not eat chain fast food — ever.

So stay tuned for the next installment and I hope you will continue to take dining out gluten free to a whole new level.

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