23 June 2013


 June 23, 2013

A visit to Dallas yielded a few gluten-free surprises but one of the real standouts was a dinner at Company Café.  Prior to hitting the road, I put out my feelers for a few places that should not be missed during my visit.  I received quite a few recommendations for Company Café so decided to check it out one evening for dinner.  So one evening I hopped in a cab and head over to their Katy Trail location.

This location has an outdoor seating area that was buzzing but I opted to sit inside.  The first thing that stands out is the staff.  They all seemed genuinely interested in being there and gave a warm welcome, setting the tone for what would be a great evening.

I had looked at the menu online before my visit (a habit I typically always do before visiting a new place).  I had an idea of what I would be having but always like to ask my server for their recommendations.  My server that evening did not even flinch at my food restrictions and was able to guide me through the menu (which also had gluten-free option clearly noted).  I was extremely comfortable with my server’s knowledge of the menu and how to address special dietary needs.

I have not had a chicken fried steak since my Celiac diagnosis so knew exactly what I would be having on this visit.  I started with a salad (complete with gluten-free croutons) and then moved on to the steak.  When the plate was placed in front of me I nearly wept.  It looked simply amazing and I could not wait to dig-in.

Company Café’s chicken fried steak is not what you would expect in a greasy spoon.  It is a sophisticated take on the classic comfort food dish.  Grass-fed sirloin is used and it’s fried in olive oil (giving it a unique flavor) and the sauce is a complex honey jalapeño gravy that looks like a traditional gravy but packs an amazing flavor punch that is elevated by the spicy fresh jalapeños.  It was truly unlike anything I had had before.

This was truly a case of steak love at first bite.  It was perfectly crispy and I was instantly transported to my pre-diagnosis days when I would indulge in this guilty pleasure every so often.  The meat was cooked to perfection and was amazingly tender.  The steak was accompanied by mashed sweet potatoes and sautéed green beans which were cooked to perfection but to be honest I was so focused on the massive piece of steak that I just picked at them.

The most amazing GF chicken fried steak.

The most amazing GF chicken fried steak.

As if gluten-free chicken-fried steak is not enough – they also have a selection of gluten-free desserts.  Never one to skip dessert, I opted for a simple brownie which was moist, delicious, and the perfect end to an amazing evening.  Company Cafe prides itself on sourcing the best ingredients from local suppliers and some of their gluten-free goodies are courtesy of Local Oven and Smart Flour Foods.

If you are ever in the Dallas area, do yourself a favor and be sure to stop-in to one of Company Café’s two locations.

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