As many of you who follow my tweets on Twitter know, I have been battling what I thought were the seasonal allergy demons for what seems like forever.  Well, when the allergy remedies were not having any effect, I deduced it was likely a sinus infection and popped over to the doctor and am finally feeling some relief – thank you major pharma.

After my doctor’s appointment I had to run some errands which resulted in me popping into the market for a few items.  After quickly navigating the aisles for a few staples I noticed my partner pointing to a display that was easily overlooked.  It took me a moment to figure out what it was that he was trying to draw my attention to for if memory served me that space was previously occupied by the shoe and silver polish.  Not today.  A new display had sprung up with multiple levels of gluten free offerings from German brand Dr. Schär.

Now here is GFM’s gripe.  While endlessly pleased that there was actually now a proper central GF point in the store it was rather well hidden and if I, a card carrying Celiac did not walked right past it – well you do the math.  I do like the convenience of being able to purchase good, quality, gluten free items in my local store rather than through the mail or specialty store but if it is not being properly merchandised I fear it might end up being a short-lived experiment rather than a permanent fixture.

I fully understand that space is at a premium but the store is clearly making a significant investment to carry the items (which are not that cheap in relation to their gluten-filled counterparts) so would think they would want them to be displayed where people might actually see them.  Or is that just crazy talk?

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