Now when I originally developed the recipe section I thought the focus would be, of course, delicious gluten free options for the table.  Yet, yesterday evening I had a bit of a Eureka moment.  Five o’clock is historically cocktail time in my house and I am a big wine fan.  My partner on the other hand is a fan of the real cocktail aficionado and it tends to rub off on me from time to time.  Hey, it is after all about living fabulously, right?

I went to high school in Germany and developed a strong love of all things beer (good beer, thank you very much, not the swill that is often passed off here in the United States).  Alas, my celiac diagnosis threw a wrench into my love of beer, so I sought out other options over time.  Fine wine became a strong favorite and the occasional cocktail used to work its way into my repertoire sometimes.  With the influx of gluten free beers of late, I will certainly give them a try, but I am not holding out too much hope – and quite frankly my love of wine has likely eclipsed beer but time will tell.

But I digress….yesterday’s cocktail time had me feeling creative.  So, as I looked around the kitchen I found some delicious blood red plums languishing in the fruit bowl.  The refrigerator yielded some perfectly chilled green apple flavored vodka and seltzer.   What do you get when you combine the three?  Cocktail nirvana.

In a highball glass I took some ice, a good amount (but to your taste is fine as well) of the vodka, some of the plum juice (just a tinge) and a splash of seltzer.  Garnish with a gorgeous slice of thin plum and viola!  The subtle flavor of the apple pairs perfectly with the slight sweet and tang of the plum and the effervescence of the seltzer tickles your palate. 

These were simply delish and notice the plural “these”.  I just could not help myself and enjoyed a wonderful evening at home, watching new and vintage British television sourced directly from across the pond.  Settled in for a fantastic dinner and some good chocolate for dessert and Gluten Free Mike was a very happy camper.

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