16 September 2016


 September 16, 2016
Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free Products

I have long been a fan of Canyon Bakehouse – even before they had the level of wide distribution they currently have.  It’s nice to walk into a Target and know that you’ll likely be able to find the brand on shelf (not the freezer section).

Gluten-free breads have long been a point of contention among celiacs.  I remember when I was first diagnosed more than twenty years ago now, there were very few actual breads available for purchase.  Not to mention those that you could find were absolutely awful and really did not resemble bread by any stretch of the imagination.

Fast-forward to today where gluten-free bread options abound but while many brands have struggled to maintain their levels of quality control and now produce lackluster loaves that leave consumers feeling empty – Canyon Bakehouse has never skimped on quality and their products have only gotten better over time.

When Canyon Bakehouse reached out to me to try some of their new and classic products I of course did not hesitate.    I received their hamburger buns, everything bagels, and hot dog buns (which in general are increasingly difficult to find in gluten-free form for some reason).

Since it was the start of summer, I was looking forward to my obligatory grass-fed hot dog to kick-off the season and now had the perfect vessel to make that happen.  What I love about Canyon Bakehouse is that all of their products are wonderfully soft – you would never know they are gluten-free.  You can take one out of the bag and it is ready to go – no refreshing necessary.  Of course if you prefer a toasted roll they toast up a dream.

The hamburger buns were always a personal favorite of mine because they are so versatile and also the perfect size for a standard hamburger.  For some reason, many of the other brands out there produce smaller buns that cannot even remotely handle a standard-sized hamburger.  The texture of Canyon Bakehouse’s buns is perfectly soft but sturdy so you can bite into a fully loaded bun without fear of it collapsing and falling apart.  I also like that they buns are also 100% whole grain  and have 4 grams of both fiber and protein per bun.

Finally, I sampled the Everything Bagels.  This was a relatively new flavor and I had never tried them before.  I am a self-proclaimed bagel snob so have very high standards when it comes to these doughy rounds of goodness.  The Canyon Bakehouse version was good but very different from a traditional bagel – they are far more airy than a regular bagel though the everything flavor was spot-on.  These toasted up rather well but again were rather airy with not much substance to their interior.

All in all you cannot go wrong with Canyon Bakehouse’s portfolio of baked goods and they are definitely among the best gluten-free packaged breads on the market today.  You can learn more about Canyon Bakehouse and its complete product portfolio on their website where you can also find a store near you that carries their products or order right online and have their products delivered right to your front door.

Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free Products

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