16 January 2017


 January 16, 2017
Canyon Bakehouse New Heritage Style Gluten-Free Breads

I have long been a fan of Canyon Bakehouse’s gluten-free breads.  They are truly among the softest most “normal” breads on the market today.  So when they reached-out to me with the offer to sample their brand new sandwich-sized Heritage Style breads it was a no-brainer.  Small loaf syndrome is something that has been the bane of carb existence for celiacs like myself.  There’s nothing worse than popping a couple of slices into the toaster only to have them emerge even smaller and not able to accommodate a leaf of lettuce or a tomato without having to carefully trim them to get them to fit.  Of course after eating your miniature sandwich you are often left scrambling to make another because your bread just didn’t cut it (pun intended).

Well, cue the angels singing because those days of having to double-up on your sandwiches are now a thing of the past with Canyon Bakehouse’s new loaves.  These are 1.5 pounds of gluten-free goodness and when they say these are need-both-hands-to-handle kind of big they are not kidding.  I whipped-out my trusty tape measurer and each slice is approximately 5.5-6 inches wide and 4 inches high.  I mean come on – it just doesn’t get any better.  Now bigger is not necessarily always better but in this case it is because not only can these slices take anything that you can stuff between them – they are also hands-down the lightest, softest and most flavorful breads you will find.

The Honey White is my personal favorite with just a hint of sweetness and a rich robust crust that adds a whole additional layer to the flavor profile.  The Whole Grain is also fantastic with a hint of sweetness and it’s peppered with whole grains and seeds that add a nice texture to this variety.  My non-celiac other-half is a huge whole grain bread person and absolutely loved this variety saying it was actually better than the regular brand typically purchased.  Both varieties are non-GMO and use clean ingredients that you can actually recognize, have 8 grams or more of whole grains per serving and are dairy-, nut- and soy-free.

The new Heritage Style breads are hitting the market on January 17th so be sure to look for them on your next shopping trip.  You can find out where to purchase Canyon Bakehouse products on their website or order right online and have it shipped right to your front door.  I think that Canyon’s tagline really says it all: Love Bread Again!

2 responses on “Canyon Bakehouse Heritage Style

  1. Christina S says:

    I love this bread this is the best gluten free bread I have come of course in the seven years I have been gluten free if you have never have regular white bread this is the closest thing to it hands down great great bread

  2. Victoria brancati says:

    I have been looking for gluten free bread that tastes good and doesn’t cost a fortune. Finally canyon bakehouse bread is delicious and affordable. I can eat bread again. I love love this bread.

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