Let’s face it, being gluten free and fabulous is a lot of work and try as I might to squeeze everything in to a mere 24 hours it is a challenge.  My day job is quite hectic and requires focus and quite frankly allows me to maintain my gluten free and fabulous lifestyle to which I am accustomed.  Oh, I am not going to sugar coat it; GFM is HIGH maintenance but as you know makes no apologies.  Work hard, play harder…what a great mantra.

As I have been gaining more and more readers, I though it might be a good time to do a Best of GFM’s blog posts.  So, I selected some of my favorite posts and thought the best way to share was to shove them right in all of your faces.  To my new readers, I hope you will find them both entertaining and useful.  To my regulars, isn’t the second time around always best?  Here are my top 10 favs, in no particular order because quite frankly can you really pick a favorite child:

1.       A Tale of Two Allergies

2.       I’m Not Hungry. I’ll Just Pick

3.       Fait Accompli, Gluten Free

4.       Sometimes the Most Delicious Things in Life are the Most Dangereuse Dahlings

5.       Not in My Backyard

6.       Living Well in a World Full of Gluten

7.       A Family Affair

8.       Knowledge is Power

9.       Gluten Free at the Office

10.     Fly Me to the Moon

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