6 August 2013


 August 6, 2013

This restaurant has been on my must visit list for years.  The last time I actually tried to go they were closed as a movie was using it as a location.  As luck would have it, a few weeks later I had to take care of some business in the area and found myself a block away from Bloom’s – so guess where I decided to have lunch.

Bloom’s is a typical small New York City deli/diner – -where it is not about the décor but the food.  The place was buzzing around lunchtime with both locals and tourists alike.  It’s proximity to Grand Central Terminal makes it an ideal spot to grab a bit on your way in or out of the City.

We were welcomed and shown to a table.  Coleslaw and a pickle tray were soon presented and we were noshing while perusing the menu.  The gluten-free menu is separate and I had to ask for it.  There is a huge selection of gluten-free items ranging from burgers and fries to pancakes and sandwiches.  Note: some breakfast items are served all-day and some (like the pancakes) only during breakfast hours.

After looking through the menu, I found myself wanting a BLT (which is not on the menu) and this being a diner knew it would not be a problem.  Sure enough, when I asked, the waitress didn’t even bat an eyelash.  So a toasted BLT with a side of potato salad would soon be on its way.  Perhaps the thing that made me most giddy was when the waitress shouted the orders to the open kitchen visible behind a high counter and for the first-time ever I hear the words gluten-free BLT shouted as an order (not to mention she confirmed with the kitchen with a vocal that’s on gluten-free bread.  Nice!

When my plate arrived it was a true thing of beauty.  Perfectly toasted bread that was jam-packed with a New York-sized amount of lettuce, tomato, and bacon.  It was accompanied by a rather large scoop of potato salad.  I had ordered mayo on my BLT and it did not arrive and quite frankly I was so hungry I just ate it without rather than trying to flag down the waitress.  I am not sure what gluten-free bread they use but the crust looked very familiar.  It had a nice consistency but did tend to break while eating (par for the gluten-free course) – but it was no big deal.  The potato salad on the other hand tasted old.  Now I don’t know if they make two different versions of potato salad (because again, the waitress put in the order with gluten-free potato salad)  and perhaps the gluten-free doesn’t get ordered that often.  It wasn’t a huge deal so I just pushed it over to the side and passed on it.

Bloom's Deli Gluten Free BLT

Behold, the Gluten-Free BLT.

Overall it was a pretty good experience.  Would I go back?  Absolutely.  There is a short stack of gluten-free pancakes with my name on it.  The nicest thing about Bloom’s is being able to walk-in off the street, grab a sandwich, and be on your way without having to search for a gluten-free option, explain everything to the server and kitchen, and, in the end cross your fingers that it will all work out.  I walked out thinking wow, I just had a gluten-free BLT for lunch.  A truly great feeling.

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