16 February 2012


 February 16, 2012

Bermuda is a quick hop from New York City (or pretty much anywhere on the East Coast) and provides a perfect climate and makes for a relaxing getaway.  I am lucky enough to have family in Bermuda (being married to a Bermudian myself) so I spend a fair amount in Bermuda — and have done so for the past fifteen years.

I am always amazed at the growth of gluten-free options in Bermuda.  What was once a gluten-free void in the Atlantic has become an extremely gluten-free-friendly travel destination — one you might not necessarily think of.

I am delighted to share my Gluten-Free Guide to Bermuda with you.  This is a living guide and is constantly being revised after every visit.  Be sure to check for updates and if you are planning a trip or have any questions — just shoot me an e-mail.

Read the Full Guide Here.

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