18 February 2018


 February 18, 2018
Bermuda Cookie Company Island Girls Bermuda Frozen Gluten-Free Cookie Dough

When I was in Bermuda visiting family for the holidays, my mother in-law surprised me with a new local gluten-free product — gluten-free cookies from the Bermuda Cookie Company. I always love finding new products but it was great to see a local gluten-free product had made it into the market. They were also the overall winner in the Food & Drink category in The Bermudian’s Made in Bermuda Awards.

Bermuda Cookie Company makes a range of frozen cookie products that includes two gluten-free varieties: chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin. I had the pleasure of trying their chocolate chip cookies. Now the cookies were already prepared by my mother in-law but she said they were super-easy to make — they are pre-scooped balls and you just place and bake — definitely my kind of baking.

The cookies had a great texture being crisp on the outside but nice and chewy on the inside. The base is not overly sweet, allowing for the chocolate flavor to really come through. One container makes a lot of cookies — so many, that I actually brought a bunch home with me to enjoy once we were back in the United States. They held up remarkable well and stayed soft for days after we got home — though they did not last long given my sweet tooth.


If you are in Bermuda, you can find them at Mile’s, Lindo’ Family Food and Harrington Hundreds. The gluten-free varieties sell-out quickly (which is good to see) and my mother in-law had to do a bit of stepping to find a container — so, probably best to call ahead. You can view the entire range of flavors on the Bermuda Cookie Company website, learn more about the company and even place an order for them to bake for your special or corporate occasion.

Quite frankly, with everything that is currently going on in Bermuda at the moment, I think we could all use a cookie. I believe perhaps Seinfeld said it best and we should all look to the cookie.

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