I always love it when I have those gluten-free ah-ha moments when I come across a gluten-free version of an item I had enjoyed prior to my Celiac diagnosis.  A recent visit to a D.C. area Wegmans yielded these sweet little treats from Bella Lucia.

Growing up, I remember my mother with her pizzelle maker making homemade pizzelles most often around the holidays.  As a child, it was always exciting to help her make these because they were so different and typically signaled that the holidays were coming.

So imagine my complete surprise when perusing the gluten-free aisle to come across a selection of gluten-free pizzelles.  I actually have to credit my other half for finding them because I actually missed them at first pass.  These come in anise, cinnamon, and vanilla varieties.  I opted to try the cinnamon and vanilla and they did not disappoint.

These cookies were light and crisp which is what you would expect in the perfect pizzelle.  The vanilla variety had subtle notes of vanilla that were perfectly balanced by a refined sweetness that did not overpower.  The cinnamon variety was elevated by the slight spiciness of the cinnamon that was complimented by the slightly sweet base. Not only did I love these, but my mother also gave her seal of approval having enjoyed these with me over this past Christmas.

If you come across these I would definitely recommend pick-up a few packages because they will go fast.  You can learn more about the company and their gluten-free products on their Web site where you can also locate where their products are carried or buy them online and have them shipped to your door.  You can also friend them on Facebook.

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