8 June 2012


 June 8, 2012

I had eaten at Beacon two times prior to this visit and really had no issue with my dinner.  I had never been for lunch and decided to give it a go with a couple of colleagues from the office.  We had all read rave reviews about Beacon’s burger and one of my colleagues was there for dinner, wanted one, but they had all sold out.  So, we packed up early one day and headed over to the restaurant for a late lunch.  The restaurant used to close between lunch and dinner but was no opened straight through.

When we arrived we found that we were the only ones in the restaurant.  Not a big deal, who does not like personal attention.  A waiter quickly came over and took our drink orders two coco coladas and one Coke for me.  When the drinks arrived the coladas were watery and I received a diet Coke.  No big deal, just swapped it out, eventually for another.  A second waiter came and took our meal orders.  I opted for the burger, well done, sans fries and bun with a side salad and a side of their homemade sauerkraut.  My colleagues decided to split the sliders, medium-well, on brioche, the cured meats and cheese platter, and some olives in orange zest.  They asked what the platter consisted of and were told seasonal fruit like and peaches and grapes (okay) along with prosciutto, duck pate, and Roquefort.  When presenting the bread basket the waiter did notice that I had ordered my burger with no bun, I mentioned I was allergic, he quickly stated “oh, a gluten allergy, I will let the kitchen know”.  I quickly threw in my shellfish allergy (though nothing I ordered really could have posed a risk) and he noted it as well saying “it is good to let the kitchen know”.  It was definitely most appreciated.  Yet, soon thereafter things would take a turn for the worse.

Our waiter must have went on his pre-dinner break, fine we thought, there were others just mulling about so we were not concerned.  Our food soon arrived and here’s where it gets interesting.  My burger and salad looked fine.  My side of sauerkraut was forgotten but when reminded would appear half-way through the meal.  My colleagues sliders arrived with no cheese so were sent back for some melting.  When they finally arrived back at the table there were still rare, bright pink inside, and this after being heated again to melt the cheese.  Also, we all mistaken thought that brioche would be a nice brioche roll, nope, try a round wafer of brioche about ½ inch thick.  The olive side was about 10 olives (I am likely being generous) which was fine as it was priced accordingly.  Now onto the infamous cured meat and cheese platter.  The seasonal fruit turned out to be golden and red raisins – seriously.  There was a decent presentation of salamis and cheese but no pate, prosciutto, or Roquefort.

We all began to dig in only to notice that EVERYTHING was over salted.  The burgers, the salad, everything.  This coupled with the fact that the burger was a big let down made for a most disappointing meal.  My colleagues did not even finish theirs.  During the meal, they decided to try some sangria which arrived in a nice carafe full of fruit.  I decided to have a glass as well and when we took our first sip noticed that something was very off.  It tasted terrible – almost like someone used Jack Daniels instead of brandy and went to town pouring it in.  The waiter (our third now) asked how the drink was and my colleague noted “different”.  He questioned different good, or different bad?  Different bad was her response and it was quickly removed from the table.

Everyone working there seemed distracted there and by the time we left two other groups had arrived for an early dinner.  As I mentioned before, I had been there two times before for dinner and things were fine and nowhere near the comedy of errors that plagued our lunchtime visit.

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