6 January 2019


 January 6, 2019
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My most recent visit to see family and friends in Bermuda featured a fantastic brunch at the Village Pantry Restaurant. Located in Flatts Village, a friend of ours chose it and I am certainly glad they did as I now have a new restaurant to add to my Bermuda repertoire.

While gluten-free options have grown significantly over the past couple of decades in Bermuda, it is still nice to come across a locale that really understands and caters to guests with special dietary needs. Village Pantry clearly marks what items are gluten- or dairy-free, contain certain allergens like egg, nuts and shellfish, are suitable for vegetarians or Paleo. It’s all right there on the menu and the staff are extremely helpful with any questions and will gladly confirm any concerns with the kitchen.

The place was absolutely packed when we visited (always a good sign) but we were immediately seated and service was swift and unobtrusive. There were so many gluten-free options that it was tough to decide. Alas, it being brunch, I decided to go with their twist on classic Eggs Benedict. The Village Pantry version is made with three eggs that sit beautifully atop a base of prosciutto on a thin rösti potato with watercress and a drizzle of hollandaise sauce. Now, I had concerns about the hollandaise sauce and our waiter not only checked with the chef but came back with exactly what ingredients were in the sauce.

The food is not only visually well-presented but it is absolutely delicious with a focus on fresh and local ingredients. My dish was really a standout and probably one of the finest egg dishes I have had in a very long time. The balance of flavors was absolutely perfect with the earthiness of of the potatoes playing well against the saltiness of the crisp prosciutto that took the rich, creamy eggs to the next level. The drizzle of the tangy hollandaise sauce gave the perfect acidic kick with just the right amount of sauce used to compliment rather than distract from the complex flavor profile of the dish.

If you are planning a visit to Bermuda I cannot recommend Village Pantry enough and I know I cannot wait to go back to sample a few more of their items. I would definitely recommend making a reservation, particularly on the weekend for brunch. You can view the Village Pantry’s full menus on their website where you can even make an OpenTable reservation in advance of your visit.



Village Pantry
8 North Shore Road
Flatts Village, FL 03
Phone: (441) 478-2300

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