9 August 2013


 August 9, 2013

Another find from my Food Fête Summer visit comes from Amy’s – yes, the brand that has been delighting Celiacs for years with their diverse assortment of gluten-free options.  Now, they are typically know for providing healthier ready-to-go options so I was surprised when they asked my if I had tried their candy bars.  Candy bars?

Yes, it is true, they have a line of four, gasp, organic, candy bars that have ingredient lists that you don’t need a science degree to understand.  Enter Andy’s Dandy Candy.  Best of all, three out of the four bars are gluten-free.  The bars come in four flavors: Crunchy (English toffee in dark chocolate); Chewy (Caramel with pecan and chocolate); Crispy (Rice crisps with almonds, chocolate and caramel); and the non-gluten-free Creamy (Nougat center with caramel).

What’s truly nice about these bars is that you get two per package so they are perfect for sharing and keeping the portion size manageable.  Of course even if you did eat both yourself you would not really be breaking the caloric bank – as most of the bars are 100-120 calories per piece.

I am a huge fan of all things toffee so tried the Crunchy bar first.  It definitely lived up to its name with a rich, buttery toffee, perfectly crisp enrobed in dark chocolate.  The chocolate itself is not to sweet allowing the sweetness of the toffee to play against the nuttiness of the cocoa – look at me getting all fancy-schmanzy with my flavor notes.  Next up was they Chewy bar.  This was a wonderfully soft caramel that was enhanced with a hint of crunchiness by the pecans.  This variety was enrobed in milk chocolate so it had a bit more sweetness to it than the dark.  The third bar was the Crispy variety.  Now my fellow Celiacs out there know how hard it is to find rice crisps that do not contain barley malt – so this bar was a particular treat.  The crisp rice paired with the soft caramel and almonds made for the perfect trifecta.  Add the fact that it is covered in rich dark chocolate and this bar is a homerun.  The fourth bar was sadly not gluten-free but my other-half seem to enjoy it immensely.

Oh, and for the record, I shared each and every gluten-free bar rather than eating them all myself – and it felt good to know that I could indulge in a sweet treat without having to go completely overboard and enter a sugar coma.  Everything in moderation, right?

So, if you come across Andy’s Dandy Candy – I would definitely pick-up a bar or two (which would technically be four).  They are only around for a limited time and available online and in select health foods stores.  Check out Amy’s Web site to learn more (or order a few bars).

Andy's Dandy Candy Bars

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