The final space in my Favorite Things series goes to Mama Earth bakery out of Nyack, New York.  I truly love it when I am exposed to new companies that cater to a variety of food allergies and consumer preferences – plus I am all for the little guy making it in a very competitive landscape.  Mama Earth is a small company that makes extremely high quality products that are gluten-free and vegan.  I recently had the opportunity to sample some of their products and was really blown away at the not only the fabulous taste but the real attention to detail that went into the products.

I was lucky enough to try five of Mama Earth’s products: chocolate chip cookies; gingerbread men; nutty seed cookies; oatmeal raisin chip; and mint chocolate truffles.

The chocolate chip cookies were, in a word, amazing.  A few simple ingredients were turned into delicious chocolate chip cookies that were free from any dairy products.  I am not sure how Mama Earth does it but they do not sacrifice taste to be vegan.  I am not vegan (quite the contrary) but I honestly would not be able to single these cookies out as anything other than wonderfully fabulous chocolate chip cookies.

Next, in the spirit of the season were the terrifically festive gingerbread men.  These were sweet with just the right amount of a spicy ginger bite.  Again, for being both gluten-free and vegan they tasted just like the gingerbread men I remembered in my pre-Celiac diagnosis days.

The nutty seed cookies were a truly unique stand out among the products sampled.  These cookies were chock-full of sunflower and pumpkin seeds with crunchy rice puffs that gave a highly original texture.  The sweetness of the cookies was accented with a peanut butter undertone that paired perfectly with the meatiness of the nuts (and the walnut meal used in the base).  I am not sure how they came up with his combination but I am sure glad they did as these cookies are unlike any other gluten-free option out there and definitely one of my overall favorite things.

The oatmeal chip cookies came with the caveat that the oats were not certified gluten-free so they went to my partner who absolutely raved about them (as he did with the other products sampled).  We both could not believe that we were not only eating gluten-free but vegan as well without any taste or texture being sacrificed.

The final product I sampled were the mint chocolate truffles that packed a cool mint punch that was perfectly matched with rich chocolate flavor – and the chocolate was organic, very nice.

I wholeheartedly recommend giving Mama Earth a try.  Head on over to their Web site and look through their product portfolio.  They will happily ship their products to you and you can order directly from their Web site.

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