GFM had a truly terrific day yesterday.  The second locale for my QNYGF series was revealed but in case you missed it, GFM dined at Sylvia’s, a Harlem landmark since 1962.  You’ll be able to read all about how I faired on the gluten free front in a couple of days, as I am putting the final touches on the review.

Just because I have Celiac is not going to limit me experiencing fantastic new places and more importantly food.  Many of you know that I am not only Celiac but am hyper-allergic to all shellfish which always puts cross-contamination front of mind for me.  As you will see from my upcoming review of Sylvia’s living a full gluten free life just takes a bit of extra legwork – researching your locales before visiting, coming up with a game plan, and asking the right questions.  Doing a bit of leg work goes a very long way in allowing you to get out there and, as GFM likes to say, Live Well Gluten Free, No Apologies.

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