I am always happy to help further the awareness of Celiac disease and bring fabulous gluten-free living into the spotlight. As I have mentioned before, this site is a pure labor of love and just my way of sharing my gluten-free journey with others. You'll never see paid advertising on my site because that's not what it's about. My site is passion-driven and meant to be a resource for my fellow celiac and food allergic readers and I just like doing it. You can learn a bit more about me here.

While I do not actively seek out media placements, I do welcome inquires from the media who are covering either gluten-free living or celiac disease from a variety of angles. I am always happy to make time to share my journey and experiences. I am all about living the gluten-free life I want to live on my terms and wherever the wind might take me. Members of the media can contact me using my Contact form.

Here's a sampling of where I have popped-up: