Everyone can use a little refreshing from time to time and GFM is no exception.  You may have noticed that there have been some subtle changes taking place here at GlutenFreeMike.com.  I have had my design company and programmer busy making some minor tweaks to the layout and overall functionality of the site over the past couple of weeks and the end is now on the horizon.

So, you are likely asking What’s changed GFM?  Well, I am glad you asked.  First, and likely the most noticeable is the homepage has been subtly re-designed complete with a new gallery application that will allow for more than one restaurant and one product to be featured – not to mention it looks really cool and saved me a huge amount of time on the back-end.  Just click on any featured item as it scrolls to read the full review.

On the Blog, you can now easily share posts that you like across social media platforms.  The search and indexing functionality (while not visible) have been enhanced and will display in a far more user-friendly and consistent manner.

Some changes are still underway so if you find a little glitch here and there please don’t fret as things are being taken care of.  One note: To access the Product Reviews, Recipes, or Dining Out section please do not access via the pull-down menu from the top navigation as it will only display a few or in some cases single item.  Please access using the main landing pages (just click on the actual main category titles in the top navigation – or just use the hyperlinks provided in the previous sentence :-)).

My partnership with a major U.S. food and beverage manufacturer, while slightly delayed, is still coming so please stay tuned.  They are perfecting a brand new site to showcase their new gluten-free site and I have provided lots of content I think you are really going to love.

I also have tons of new reviews waiting in the wings that will be rolling out with increased frequency in the coming weeks so be sure to check for updates on Facebook (both GFM and Site pages) as well as Google+ and Twitter.  Also, if you have been subscribing to my RSS feed, please note that that link has change and please be sure to update it.

Finally, if we are not social media friends, be sure to connect with me using the Connect with Me links now prominently featured on all pages, including just over there to the right, below the sidebar.

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to stop by and the coming months will find GFM doing gluten-free Christmas in Bermuda, a jaunt down to Latin America, and then the Caribbean in the first part of 2012.  Here’s wishing you and yours a healthy, gluten-free, and most important fabulous holiday season.

Update: Please note that full site functionality has been restored.  Please use the site as normal.  Lots of fantastic new product reviews are being readied for relase.

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