Last night I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend a Food Fête event showcasing food allergy-related products here in New York City.  I actually did not know much about Food Fête when its owner Jeff reached out to me a while back but after learning more about them I was excited to attend one of their events.

Yesterday’s event did not disappoint.  What’s nice about Food Fête is that it is more like an intimate cocktail party than trade show.  I was greeted at the registration desk by two of the nicest guys who made me feel immediately welcome.  After a quick check-in, I was on my way navigating the vendors on display.

The first vendor I actually ran into was Allergic Girl herself.  I always find it funny that many of us “know” each other but never met in-person.  Sloane had a table with copies of her latest book, which by the way I started reading on my way home and is fabulous!  Of course I could not refuse the offer of an allergy-sensitive lollipop for the road.

Moving on, there was a nice balance of more well-established brands and new (to me) companies that were doing some great things in the food allergy sphere.  Some of the new standouts were Lucini Italia with a delicious Italian version of socca; Redwood Hill Farm had some great goat’s milk and shared space with Green Valley Organics which had some great lactose free dairy products; Pasta Prima which had over the top fresh gluten-free ravioli (in two flavors); and Home Free cookies which addressed several different types of allergies across their product line.

Of course there were some old favorites there as well.  My fabulous friends from Rudi’s Gluten Free were there sampling their new hamburger buns.  Hot dog rolls and a pizza crust are also in the wings for release in a few months.  I know I am looking forward to them.  Enjoy Life was sampling their new hard cookies (which were delicious) along with some of their other favorites of mine.  Mary’s Gone Crackers is always a welcome site and I finally tried their sticks which were great.  Pacific Natural Foods was sampling hemp milk (among their other products) of which I tried the chocolate variety and was actually surprised at how good it was.

Cocktails for the evening were provided by Cockspur Rum which is an absolute favorite of my Bermudian other-half but I had yet to try it until last night.  You see I am not a fan of rum but the cocktail I had yesterday definitely made me a convert.  It was a spicy mix of ginger and rum that was just what the doctor ordered.

My sincere thanks to Jeff and Food Fête for a great evening.

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