GFM is hosting his parents this weekend (actually starting today).  It is great to see them and if you did not see my status update on Facebook the other day I count myself very lucky to have them here.  About a year and a half ago my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that was found really as a fluke as there is no proper test for this type of highly aggressive cancer.  Long story short, after a major surgery (8.5 hours), chemo, and radiation he is still here and, cancer free. 

I supposed I was waxing nostalgic yesterday as it was his birthday – one I in all honesty did not think I would see.  When all of this first happened, my brother who is a medical doctor, helped keep me grounded and realistic as to my father’s prognosis.  Sometimes the truth is harsh and not what we want to hear but, alas, looking back I am glad to have prepared for the worse and hoped for the best.  I was able to move to the West Coast (where my parents were for the surgery) and work remotely the entire time thanks to my company (a great one by the way).  Throughout it all my father never once complained, other than he was “too thin” proving that heroes are, in fact, right in front of our eyes and we just need to open them.

 Both my parents have actually had bouts with cancer.  My mother had breast cancer and prior to this last bout my father had prostate cancer.  It is experiences like this that make me realize my food allergies are really insignificant in the broader spectrum of life and quite frankly if they are the only hurdles I must leap through, I count myself lucky.

Anyway, we are an extremely close knit family and my parents have been married more than 50 years now.  I will dedicate a post to the fabulous party my brother and I threw for them high above Manhattan soon because it was a lesson in gluten free party planning on a truly grand scale so stay tuned.

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