I recently had the opportunity to sample something I had no idea even existed – custom made gluten-free cereal mix from my friends at Custom Choice Cereal.  The company manufactures in a dedicated gluten-free facility so cross-contamination is not an issue…nice.

Getting a custom made cereal could not be easier.  I simply went on their Web site, chose my base from a choice of three (Corn flakes, cinnamon granola, or their Good Morning mix of flax, buckwheat, quinoa, and amaranth).  Next you add your mix-ins from a wide range of dried fruit and nuts.  Fruits first then move on to the nuts.  Finally you give you custom mix a fabulous name and in just a few days you will be enjoying your mix as it is delivered direct to your door.  The process was so simple and quite frankly fool-proof; you are limited only by your personal taste and imagination.

So what did Gluten Free Mike create?  Well, I decided to make two mixes GFM’s Mix 1 and 2).  The first had a base of corn flakes to which I added raisins, pineapple, pumpkin seed, and hazelnuts.  It was delicious.  Perhaps what I like most about these cereals is that there is really no added sugar (other than the fruit you add).  It took me back to my teenage days when I lived in Europe and food tasted real.  My corn flake mix was crisp and crunchy and when paired with the chewy sweet dried fruits and meatiness of the nuts I was in breakfast heaven.  The next mix had a base of cinnamon granola, that’s right gluten-free granola.  To it I added apples, cherries, pears, and pistachios.  Now this was probably my favorite of the tow because the granola really reminded me of the muesli I thought I would never have again.   Again, no added sugar so you can really enjoy the hint of cinnamon and the full flavor or all of your mix-ins.

As you create your cereal the nutritional information will update with each item you add so you can get a handle on exactly what you will be consuming – this is a really cool feature and the final label is attached to your package.  If you are looking for a sugary sweet breakfast food…look elsewhere.  If you want a real, natural tasting, healthy option than log-on and create your very own mix.  Are the mixes cheap, well, that really depends on your mix-ins and yes when compared to off the shelve varieties you are probably paying more.  But as the old adage goes You get what you pay for and in this case you get quality.  My mixes were both 12 oz. bags, which when put into perspective are only an ounce and half less than a normal size box of Chex.

I loved my mixes so much I  even had my mixes for dessert after dinner and will be placing another order very soon because my bags are approaching empty.

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