My friends at Goldbaum’s Gluten Free sent me a fabulous sampling of some of their gluten-free products to try out and share with my readers.  Now the gluten-free landscape is becoming more and more populated with companies catering to Celiacs and I find it hard to keep up with all the companies coming on scene so always appreciate when companies reach out to share their wares.  Thanks to Moe and everyone over at Goldbaum’s for sending these great products to try.

What first caught my eye about Goldbaum’s is that they are a hometown company based in New York City – Brooklyn to be exact.  The other thing that immediately jumped out at me was the fact that they make gluten-, soy-, and nut-free ice cream cones.  Yes, you read that correctly – honest to goodness ice cream cones.  Now I don’t know about those of you out there but I have not had an ice cream cone since my diagnosis close to seven years ago.  It was really never something that was front of mind though I did miss them terribly.

I sampled Goldbaum’s Cocoa Sugar Cones and Wafer Cup style cones.  The sugar cones were just like those I remembered or you would find at any great ice cream shop with the added bonus that they had a hint of cocoa giving them an added dimension that went so well the vanilla ice cream I topped them with.  I defy anyone Celiac or not to note that these are gluten-free.  The same goes for the wafer variety that will instantly transport you back to your childhood.  They are crisp and crunchy with no real flavor to take away from what you pile on top of them – just the way a wafer cone should taste.

Now on to the rice crisps…

I am a huge rice cracker fan and love to use them in lieu of more traditional crackers or chips for cheese and dip presentations.  First up was the Onion and Garlic Mini Crunchies which were bite-sized crackers that were really very good.  The seasoning was not too overpowering and their size made for a great little snack.  They are baked so make for a smart snacking option when you are looking for something crispy but not fried.  The second crisp sampled was the full-sized Organic Garlic Rice Chips that were also baked.  These were also very good.  Not too much seasoning so they pair well with a variety of dips and cheeses.

The final item I sampled was the brown rice pasta.  Now rice pasta can be tricky because it often becomes sticky and hard to manage.  Goldbaum’s pasta is not only gluten-free but also what-, dairy-, and sugar-free as well as Kosher.  I have to admit I was a bit leery about trying a pasta that only had three ingredients: brown rice, rice bran, and water.  I mean could it have any taste or texture.  The answer was a surprising yes.  Yes you can have a highly simple recipe and still make great tasting, manageable pasta. 

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and taste of Goldbaum’s gluten-free products but the real standouts are their ice cream cones which will delight both young and those young at heart.  You can find Goldbaum’s products on or can view their Web site and contact them directly.

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