When looking back through the past few months of product reviews I came across this one that is a quick and easy snack or meal and perfect when you are looking for a GF crunch sensation. The fact that they are also antibiotic-free makes them even more appealing and baking them in the oven helps bring up the health quotient even more vs. their deep fried counterparts. These will transport you back to an earlier time and their simplicity allows for pairings with more complex and “adult” sauces.

As many of you may already know, I am a big fan of interesting textures – likely given the lack thereof while I was becoming acclimatized to a GF lifestyle. Well, I stumbled across these chicken nuggets on Fresh Direct (a local online grocery delivery service here in N.Y.C.).I can safely say that aside from my own GF cutlet recipe (which you can find on my Recipes page) these are a close second and do not require nearly as much effort. Quite frankly can’t we all use a little convenience? My gluten eating partner has also given them his seal of approval (something that does not always happen, particularly with my GF replacements).I have long been a fan of Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon which does not contain nitrates so when I saw they made a gluten free offering that was antibiotic-free, I thought why not give them a try? Well, I was not disappointed. If you bake them on a well sprayed foil-covered cookie sheet flipping them once one side becomes golden brown – the result is a super crispy morsel that will make you forget all about Mc Nuggets (though as a rule I do not eat fast food). Now, they do tend to stick a bit, even on a very well greased pan, but a little gentle nudging does the trick.After my initial order of 2 packages I immediately ordered another 8 to store in the freezer – no joke. These are great on the weekends or when your other half might have a hankering for gluten one evening. I serve them with a homemade creamy horseradish sauce or my version of spicy cocktail sauce (both recipes to follow soon). Delish!

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