14 June 2013


 June 14, 2013

Did you miss me?  Well, I certainly missed sharing my gluten-free experiences with all of you.  It is great to be launching my brand spanking new site and branding that have been under wraps for the past few weeks.  So you are probably wondering what’s new?  I am glad you asked.

The new site is far more streamlined and user-friendly — not to mention it make my life a whole lot more simple on the back-end.  The site is now broken down into a few key sections.  All the content you have come to love is still all here it’s just far easier to access.

Perhaps the coolest part (aside form the look)  is that my blog is now linked to the sections within the site so if I am sharing a post on a recent flight or a restaurant experience or new product — that post will also be archived in its respective section.  Of course you can also use the great search function on the blog to search for whatever your heart desires.  Commenting is now easy peasy with a simple form at the end of each post — where you can also share a post you like across social media or via e-mail.

Again, welcome to the new me and I hope to see you here often.

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