I recently had the opportunity to sample some of the gluten-free wares (thanks Heather) from this Denver-based company that also operates cafés in the Centennial State.  I have heard many of my gluten-free friends out there rave about Udi’s but could never seem to locate them in my area (though this has recently changed).  Perhaps what makes Udi’s so unique is that they function as a normal café and caterer but also have a terrific gluten-free line for Celiacs prepared in a dedicated gluten-free facility.  Their products are also dairy-, nut-, and soy-free.

The first product I dug into was their White Sandwich Bread.  This was perhaps the product that carried the biggest buzz among my fellow Celiacs and it did not disappoint.  While there are other good gluten-free breads out there, Udi’s has a very big leg up on the competition – you can eat it right from the bag without re-freshing or toasting and it is SOFT and MOIST.  That’s right my fellow Celiacs, we now can have a fresh loaf on the counter and eat it whenever we fancy.  And eat it I did – for breakfast, lunch, and with dinner.  That bag (which is a good size) did not know what hit it as is quickly emptied.  The bread has the most gluten-like texture and consistency that I have yet come across.  It had that familiar white bread kiss of sweetness that instant transported me back to my pre-celiac days – Bravo Udi’s!  Oh, and for the record it toasts up a dream and made fantastic grilled cheese sandwiches.

Next up was Udi’s Whole Grain Bread.  Like its white counterpart, this too was perfect straight from the bag.  It had a wonderfully complex nuttiness to it that complemented whatever you put between the slices without being too overpowering.  It also toasted to perfection and was robust enough to hold whatever toppings you care to pile on.

On the sweeter side of their portfolio are Udi’s Blueberry Muffins.  These were moist and chock-full of sweet ripe blueberries.  A light coating of sugar added a welcomed crunch factor to the muffins while adding just the right amount of sweetness.  The individual muffins are a good size and one will certainly be more than enough to keep you satisfied.

Udi’s Lemon Streusel Muffins were perhaps my favorite flavor of muffins because I am a sucker for anything lemon.  These came complete with a nice streusel topping that would appease even the most hardened muffin aficionados out there.  These were moist and had just the right amount of sweetness to balance the zesty lemon bite.   I actually just finished one as I wrote this review.  Popeed it out of the freezer onto the counter and in a few minutes was ready to eat – and totally de-lish.

The final product in the tasting line up was Udi’s Pizza Crusts.  Now I have had other gluten-free crusts before and they were okay but they are typically so dense that I find myself full after eating just half of the pie.  Udi’s crusts are actually thin – yes, you read that correctly thin.  All you need to do is top with your favorite sauce, cheese, and toppings and throw it in the oven.  The crust crisps up like you will not believe and does not go all limp and soggy no matter what you top it with.  My non-GF other half also raved about these crusts.  Living in NYC we have great pizza and great GF pizza, but now I can make it whenever I want and have it taste like it was just delivered.

Earlier I mentioned that I had some difficulties finding Udi’s locally but that problem is no more (and my Tri-State friends take notice) as Udi’s is now carried by the fabulous grocery delivery service Fresh Direct here in the City.  I can honestly say that Udi’s has already been added as one of my Favs in my Fresh Direct preferences and there will not be an order that arrives without something from Udi’s.  The best part about Udi’s is their products freeze very well so you can keep them on hand (and fresh) to indulge anytime you like.  Perhaps their tag line says it best, Sit down. Eat up. Be Udiful. 

If you cannot find Udi’s in your area, fear not.  Just head on over to their Web site and place an order for delivery – they ship throughout the 50 States.

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